HotDoc documentation

Hotdoc is a documentation framework. It provides an interface for extensions to plug upon, along with some base objects (formatters, ...)

Hotdoc is distributed with a set of extensions that perform various tasks, such as parsing C and extracting symbols with clang, parsing gobject-introspection (gir) files, highlighting the syntax of code snippets with prism, etc.


Features – A non-extensive list of hotdoc features

Users – A list of projects using hotdoc

Installing – Detailed instructions for installing hotdoc

Basic concepts and tutorials – A quick overview of hotdoc's operation

Extensions to the CommonMark syntax – Where we present hotdoc's extensions to the CommonMark specification

Setting up a project – Minimal guide for setting up a project

Running – Guide for building a hotdoc project.

Cleaning – Instructions for cleaning a hotdoc project.

Extensions – Core extensions

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